Virginia Braun 

Preconference talk

Quality thematic analysis: What matters?

In this talk, I will highlight and explain core concepts for quality in thematic analysis, with an emphasis on reflexive thematic analysis. I will discuss navigating different competing demands or expectations – which can work against quality – including the challenge of some of the widely used “quality” criteria and checklists. I will emphasise the guiding principles for quality: knowingness, reflexivity, and congruence.

Workshop: Chaos, contained? Getting messy with reflexive thematic analysis

The ‘mess’ of reflexive thematic analysis (TA) is one of the aspects that can be challenging, and yet it remains an important aspect for research which delivers the fullest potential of the method. After briefly explaining the approach of reflexive TA, this participatory workshop will focus on developing strategies to embrace (or at least cope with), navigate through, and then report, the ‘mess’ in the process

Conference talk

Qualitative story completion: A different way to get at meaning

What is story completion? Why might we even consider a method that produces “made up” data? These are some of the questions we (members of the story completion research group) have received in our work exploring this methodology over the years. The answer to the first is simple, and in this talk I will first introduce the method of qualitative story completion, locating its origins. I will then explore how it has been used, how story data have been theorised, and what insights the analysis of such data can produce. Through research examples (my own, and others), I will highlight the potential of the method as a tool for health research.