Helena Leino-Kilpi 

Preconference talk

Research in nursing ethics – From concept analysis to instrumentation

In this presentation and workshop, the aim is to analyze the methodological challenges in research in nursing ethics. The main perspective is to look at the knowledge-continuum from concept analysis to instrumentation (and intervention studies) – and solutions needed made by researchers, especially in empirical ethics. By today, research in nursing ethics has been mainly descriptive and in the future, a more multimethod-approach would be relevant to consider.

In the interactive workshop, we will use the research topics of the participants for analyzing the knowledge-continuum, including the high emphasis in instrumentation.

Conference talk

Research in nursing ethics – Challenges of empirical ethics

In this presentation, the aim is to emphasize the importance of understanding the knowledge-continuum in general and especially in research in empirical ethics, for developing nursing science. Research in nursing ethics has specific challenges, due to the nature of value-driven concepts, difficulties to implement interventions and cultural variations making international studies difficult.